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Manoj Karkee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Biological Systems Enineering
Center For Precision & Automated Agricultural Systems
Washington State University


Dr. Karkee joined the Biological Systems Engineering Department at Washington State University (WSU) in 2010 and has been affiliated with the Center for Precision and Automated Agricultural Systems (CPAAS) since the beginning of his tenure at WSU.  Dr. Karkee was born and raised in the mid hills of the Himalayan country of Nepal,  some 400 km east of the capital city Kathmandu. After completing high school in his village, he moved to Kathmandu for his Aasociate and undergraduate degrees. He received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2002 from Tribhuvan University, then moved to Bangkok, Thailand to attend Asian Institute of Technology where he earned his Master’s Degree in Remote Sensing and GIS. Dr. Karkee then spent the next five years in Ames, Iowa working on his his doctoral research and education, earning his PhD in Agricultural Engineering and Human Computer Interaction from Iowa State University in 2005.

Dr. Karkee has established a strong research program in the areas of agricultural automation and mechanization at WSU CPAAS, with particular emphasis on machine vision systems for specialty crop production. He has been working on approximately 1 dozen sponsored projects in this area, including apple crop load estimation, apple and cherry harvesting, fruit tree pruning, solid set canopy delivery, water and nutrient stress monitoring, and tropical biomass harvesting. Dr. Karkee has been actively publishing in such journals as ‘Computers and Electronics in Agriculture’, ‘Biosystems Engineering’ and ‘The Transactions of ASABE’ and has frequently presented in national and international conferences.

In his personal life, Dr. Karke enjoys spending time with his family, singing Nepalese songs, reading  and writing literature and playing sports including Volleyball and Badminton.

Research Areas:
  • Precision, automated and autonomous agricultural machinery and systems
  • Field robotics and machine intelligence for agricultural applications
  • Agricultural systems modeling, simulation and control

 Manoj Karkee, Ph.D.


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Manoj Karkee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Washington State University

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