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Multispectral Image Analyses of Potatoes under Different Nutrient Management with Center Pivot Irrigation

SPONSOR AGENCY: USDA ARS Prosser Vegetable and Forage Crop Research Unit
Alva*, A.; Zhang, Q.; Karkee, M.

This research project aims to investigate the feasibility of non-destructive estimation of nutritional status of potato canopy using multispectral imaging and prediction of tuber yield and quality response to variable nutrient management under pivot irrigation.  Spectral characteristics of vegetation are a quantitative measure and can offer a non-destructive method to assess crop nutrition; biomass production; yield and quality of crop products. This type of sensing technology has been successfully developed for detecting nitrogen stress in agronomic crops, but little research has been reported on effectively and accurately measuring the nutritional status of potato plants in irrigated production systems using multispectral images.  This project will modify the technology to potato production under center pivot irrigation.  Furthermore, multispectral image sensing can be an efficient tool of non-destructive evaluation of potential non-uniformity in water distribution in center pivot irrigation system.

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