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Name Title Office Phone Email
Bai, Jinhui  
Associate Professor  Hulbert 111H   (509) 335-4358
Batina, Ray Professor Hulbert 203J (509) 335-8057
Brady, Michael  Assistant Professor Hulbert 203E (509) 335-0979
Casavant, Kenneth L. Professor Hulbert 301C (509) 335-1608
Cassey, Andrew Associate Professor Hulbert 103D (509) 335-8334
Chouinard, Hayley Associate Professor Hulbert 203D (509) 335-8739
Cowan, Benjamin Assistant Professor Hulbert 103E (509) 335-2184
Espinola-Arredondo, Ana Associate Professor Hulbert 111C (509) 335-8494
Fortenbery, Randy Professor, Endowed
Chair of Tom Mick in Small Grains Economics
Hulbert 203G (509) 335-7637
Galinato, Gregmar Associate Professor Hulbert 203C (509) 335-6382
Gallardo, Rosa Karina Associate Professor, Extension Specialist WSU Puyallup (253) 445-4584
Gibson, Mark Assistant Professor Hulbert 203K (509) 335-7641
Kuzyk, Pat Assistant Professor Hulbert 111F (509) 335-4391
Love, H. Alan Director and Professor Hulbert 101C (509) 335-3548
Mandal, Bidisha Associate Professor Hulbert 103F (509) 335-7553
Marsh, Thomas L. Distinguished Professor of Agricultural & Resource Economics, Director
Hulbert 123D (509) 335-8597
McCluskey, Jill SES Professor of Sustainability Hulbert 111E (509) 335-2835
McCracken, Vicki Associate Director and Professor Hulbert 301A (509) 335-4728
Mittelhammer, Ron C. Dean, Regents Professor Hulbert 121B (509) 335-1706
Munoz-Garcia, Felix Associate Professor Hulbert 103G (509) 335-8402
Neibergs, Shannon    Associate Professor  Hulbert 103B (509) 335-6360

Prera, Alex Clinical Assistant Professor  Hulbert 111C  (509) 335-5976
Rosenman, Robert Professor Hulbert 121D (509) 335-1193
Sage, Jeremy Assistant Research Professor Hulber 301B (509) 335-5536 
Shumway, C. Richard Regents Professor Hulbert 203H (509) 335-1007
Tozer, Peter   Research Associate Hulbert 123F (509) 335-3817
Wandschneider, Phillip R. Professor Hulbert 103H (509) 335-1906
Wolfe, Marketa     Assistant Professor  Hulbert 111G (509) 335-8509 
Yan, Jia Associate Professor Hulbert 301E (509) 335-7809
Yoder, Jonathan Professor Hulbert 203B (509) 335-8596
Young, Douglas L. Professor and Scientist Hulbert 105B (509) 335-1400        

Other Professionals

Briand, Genevieve   Adjunct Assistant Professor
Galinato, Suzette Research Associate 117 (509) 335-1408        
Jiang, Xiaojiao Post Doc Research Associate 123F (509) 335-        
Maxwell, John    Research Associate  301D



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