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Global Resources: Italian Style

Florence, Italy

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    Using the Italy courses towards an SES MINOR

    The weather is improving  (at Firenze) 

    Study global, environmental and natural resource issues with WSU faculty

    Receive 13 WSU credits


    The School of Economic Sciences at Washington State University proudly offers a study abroad program, open to all majors, in Florence, Italy.

    • 13 WSU Credits
    • Open to ALL Majors
    • 3 Courses Apply to Econ Minor
    • Italian Language Course
    • CoB Global Learning Requirement
    • GER Tier III Requirement
    • Scholarships Available
    • Visit Castello di Verrazzano to learn about wine making and tasting
    • Visit a balsamic vinegar producer in Modena

    Dates: February  1 - April  30, 2015


     This is a not great photo of the David. He lives right behind my apartment, in a museum called the Academia.  It is from so far away because I was scared they would tell me to not take the picture and I am really sensitive about following rules. I can get into the academia for free though, so maybe I will go back and get braver and take a better photo. I think it is cool that he is called “the David.” I wonder if he lets his close statue friends call him “the Dave”

     at Piazzale Michelangelo

    Take four WSU classes (13 credits) with no prerequisites:

    EconS 430 - "Managing the Global Environment." We integrate key concepts in economics with elements of political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and biology to provide insight into several environmental issues of global importance. This interdisciplinary approach will encourage analyses of these issues from many different perspectives. Case studies will be used as a mechanism for bringing the disciplines together.



    EconS 483 - "Special Topics: Study Abroad." Students have the opportunity to learn about: (1) Italian culture in general; (2) the economic and political history of Florence in particular; and (3) the production and regional economic importance of agricultural commodities produced in central Italy.



    EconS 438 - "European Union Environmental" In 1958 six states formed the European Economic Community, now called the European Union. The EU dominates the political and economic landscape of Western Europe, its fifteen member states have ‘pooled their sovereignty’ in a way never before seen in the history of political systems. This course is an interdisciplinary study of the political development of the European Union and the impact it has had on the modern Italian state. The course examines the history, politics, social policies, institutions and very concept of a unified Europe from the end of WWII to the signing of Maastricht and beyond. Authority, the decision-making process and relations with non-member states will be studied and students will learn additional political science concepts and theories.


    Ital 101- "First Semester Italian" The fundamentals of beginning Italian are taught with an equal emphasis on conversation and grammar. Materials taken directly from contemporary Italian life expose students to Italian culture and help students integrate into local culture.


    This program is offered in collaboration with Centers for Academic Programs Abroad (CAPA). CAPA's center in Florence (where the program is housed) is located in a beautifully restored palazzo in the historic center with modern classrooms and computer facilities.


    The on-site CAPA program provides a number of services that make this semester abroad experience hassle free and enjoyable including:

    Arrival orientation

    Shared apartment


    CAPA staff act as liaisons between you and the Italian government (for visiting permits, etc.), and coordinate public services that you may require during your stay


     Visit to Castello di Verrazzano

    CAPA Catalog with Jason's photos




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